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Music Genre Information

    Music Genres

    There are many types and styles of music, artists and groups change their genre and style as they progress or age, and some artists just love playing all genres so they release albums that can cross many borders.

    If you enjoy listening to music, it can be easy to think you only like a certain type, this is normally due to at some point you have heard a song that you did not like, and associate it to something or sometime that was not good for you, or was told it is a certain genre.

    Be brave and listen to as many music types and styles that you can, you will be pleasantly surprised at how wide a range of music that you do actually really like, enjoying varied styles also allows you to get the benefit from music whatever your mood is.

    Listed below are a number of genres or styles / types of music, we will be putting a link to a you tube track of that music style so that you can have a quick listen to a song of that genre.

    The links on the names will take you to genre of music we have for sale on CD.


    Selling Vinyl Records in Essex

    Questions you may have before selling?

    • Is there any charges for giving me a price?

    No! this service is Free of charge.


    • How many records do I need for you to visit and or buy?

    There are no minimum or maximum quantities for us to give you a price


    • Will you buy all my record collection?

    Yes we will buy everything, most people don't want to be left with something that might be hard to dispose of.


    • What happens to my records?

    Hopefully the majority will go to music enthusiasts and collectors, but we will endeavour to re-home as much of your collection as possible.
    Every collection has records that are below par with regards to condition or appeal, we try to recycle them, sometimes they are made into ornaments.


    • How quickly can you visit?

    We can normally visit within a day or 2.


    • Do you buy all types of records?

    Yes we buy all types of vinyl records this includes Vinyl Albums, 7 inch 45rpm Singles, 12 inch Singles, EPs, Picture Discs.
    All music genres bought so if you got a mix of music styles or formats that's all good.

    We also buy your CDs and music films.





    We Buy Records and Music CDs

    We pay very good money for your vinyl records, CDs, or any other music related items, please read our blog or our information page about buying your vinyl records to give you all the information that will help you get the best possible price.

    We travel anywhere in the country.

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