Cleaning Vinyl Records

Keeping your Vinyl records in good Condition.

There are many ways to look after your vinyl records, and a quick search in Google will return many different answers. But so many conflict with each other, we thought we would give a brief guide from ways that only cost a couple of pound to more extensive ways that can cost £100's or £1000's.

  • Option 1
2 x lint free rag (cloth) and some warm water - this option is the easiest and will suffice for most people.
  1. Make sure the rag (cloth) is lint free, which in todays world means a 'microfibre' cloth, you will need 2 of these, one to clean and one to dry, run some warm water into a bowl and wet one of the rags and ring dry.
  2. Fold the damp rag into quarters, lay the other cloth on a flat surface and place the record on that, then with the damp cloth start in the middle and wipe in a circular motion from centre out. 
  3. Now get your dry cloth and repeat the steps above, this will remove dirt and dry the record at the same time.
  4. Once the record is completely dry, play your record and hear the difference.
  • Option 2