Music CD - History of the compact disc (CD format)

History of the CD (compact disc)

What is a CD?

 CD abbreviation of compact disc is a digital optical disc that reads information via a laser, and   was developed by Philips and Sony back in 1982   as a media for storing and playing audio recordings.

The standard disc have a diameter of 120 millimetres (4.7 in)

Are used CDs any good?

Yes pre-owned CDs are a absolutely perfect medium to listen to quality music and cheap to own, providing they were previously looked after, all CDs from music-cd will be in lovely condition and most will be in new jewel cases.

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Are all CDs good quality music?

Yes CD music quality is very good, they are better quality than streaming.
No! not all CDs are good quality, this is dependant on the mastering and where the original sound was taken from, original master tapes are usually the best source, some have been digitised from vinyl records.

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