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Blues Music Genres

We stock all types of blues albums on CD, recording artists include the following types of blues genres.

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Boogie-Woogie Blues - Listen - See CDs

This piano-based upbeat style: Artists include Big Joe Turner, Pinetop Perkins and later artists such as Ben Waters and Jools Holland.

Chicago Blues - Listen - See CDs

Chicago blues include electric guitar played with some energy: Artists include Otis Rush, Magic Sam and Muddy Waters.

Delta Blues - Listen

Likely one of the earliest genres of blues, the Mississippi original blues feature acoustic guitar and harmonica: Artists include Sonny Boy Williamson.

Jump Blues

Originating in the early 20th Century, but really catching on in the 1940s, jump blues took off after the 2nd World War with it’s up-tempo swing style and saxophone drive which was a happy place to be: Artists include Louis Jordan, Louis Prima and latter day artists like the Jive Aces. 

New Orleans Blues - Listen

This carnival / funeral type adds elements from around the world particularly Cajun and Latin, it is associated with marching bands and can be infectious: Artists include Louis Armstrong, James Booker, and Kid Ory.

Texas Blues - Listen

As the name depicts this genre comes from the heart of Texas, this blues comes hard with repetitive riffs, Slide guitar is commonly used and can be a fusion of jazz/blues melodies: Artists include Stevie Ray Vaughan, T.Bone Walker and the Fabulous Thunderbirds.