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Selling Your Record or CD Collection 

 Parting with a record or cd collection can be a hard thing to do for many, they may have been passed to you or have sentimental value, but there is always a time when you need to move them on. we will always do our best to give you an honest value for your collection.

Studio Records fully understand that some collections can mean a lot to their present owners, and the last thing anyone wants is some 'wide boy' ripping them off, we will discuss your collection large or small and give you an honest appraisal of there worth, this will be their real prices if selling privately to that individual collector somewhere in the world, along with the prices that they would likely attain at well known auction sites, and finally what we are prepared to pay for as the final reseller, our prices will always be the maximum achievable bearing in mind the variables that sum up the final price and difference in selling as one lot opposed to selling individually, as this will take an awful long time, most collections have a few saleable items and the rest is just stock.

We have listed a number of variables that will affect the value of music items, which should help you decide if you may have something of collector value or just a 'run of the mill' collection.

If you would like us to consider buying your whole collection or just a few individual items that you would like to sell then get in touch via the contact button at the top of the page and we will get in touch for an informal no pressure chat, we are based in London, Essex borders but happy to travel Suffolk, Kent, Norfolk and further if needed.

Price Variables

  • Condition: This is the most important factor when determining the value. 
  • Rariety: If the item was limited in sales or made specially for  an occasion.
  • Limited edition: Not all limited editions were actually limited, it was a sales gimmick used by record companies back in the day, however some items were genuinely limited editions. 
  • Age: The age of the item does not mean it is of greater value, too many people believe just because it is old it is valuable.
  • Extra's: Many records and some CDs were issued with extras such as posters, inserts, photo cards, patches and other give aways, these extras are very important they are present, some posters are actually worth more than the record itself.
  • Genre: Music genres have different listeners, so certain genres of music attain different values, as more often its collectors that warrant the higher values and some genres just don't attract collectors in that music type. 
  • Popular: Music tastes dip and rise over time, so prices follow what is popular, a record worth £50 today may only be worth £20 next year because  that artist has become less popular.
  • Format: Vinyl records still hold the top spot for high prices and rariety, this maybe in all vinyl formats (Album, 7" Single, 12" Single or 10"), other formats have all achieved good prices for certain items but not as widespread these include : Box Sets, CD, CDS, Cassette, 8-Track, Mini-Disc, 78rpm, SACD, CD-R, Acetates, DVD, VHS, Betamax to name a few.
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