Cleaning and Protecting Music CDs

Music CD Cleaning and Protection

Once upon a time we were told that a new music medium had been developed, and it was better than vinyl being smaller and indestructible and will not scratch.

Well unfortunately that was not true, and although CDs are fairly resistant to scratches. When heavily scratched it will affect the playback, light scratches do not generally affect its ability to play the music, unlike vinyl records.

But you should look after them to ensure there longevity and as importantly not to damage your CD player.

Compact Discs will get scratched very easily if left laying around and not returned to their cases, use of CDs in vehicles is where most CDs get damaged.

Also fingerprints can cause problems with your player reading the information (music), so here are a few tips on protecting and cleaning your CDs.

Removing fingerprints from CDs

All you need is a damp lint free cloth, microfibre clothes are good, just wipe across the disc, not in a circular method although if the cloth is moist it should be fine.
Then with another microfibre cloth (dry) dry the CD, this time do try to wipe across the disc and don't put much pressure onto the disc, as the CD surface does scratch finely very easy.

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