Reggae Music Genres

Reggae Music Genres


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Reggae originates from Jamaica and started in the late 1950's, the term reggae was not formed until the late 60's and debate continues as to where the name comes from, the census is between a Jamaican term rege-rege which mean fight or quarrel, or from a 'Toots and the Maytals' song called Do the Reggay which was released in 1968. 


Ska was the first music popularised out side of Jamaica and originates from afro carribean Mento music type, Jamaicans artists started blending American rhythm and blues which created the Ska sound, pioneers of this were Derick Morgan, Desmond Dekker and Laurel Aitken.  


Rocksteady evolved from Ska, primarily because the Ska music was so fast and dancing all night needed some stamina, so the artists of the day slowed it down which become Rocksteady.