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Luomo - Convivial (2008 Techno / Deep House / Minimal)

Luomo - Convivial (2008 Techno / Deep House / Minimal)

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Artist/s: Luomo

CD Title: Convivial

CD Status: Pre-owned

CD Condition: NM/NM (see grading Guide)

CD Information:

"The best moments on Convivial transpose that unmistakable air of aching longing onto a broader, less predictable sonic palette. "Gets Along Fine" might ride a familiar wistful bass riff, but the core of its appeal resides in the astonishing combination of bleeping synthesizer and pseudo-African percussion in its chorus, which makes it simultaneously the most aggressive and purely joyous Luomo production to date, the muscular assault of its universalist affection like an embrace so fierce it crushes. The marvel, and perhaps the necessity of the Luomo project, is bound up in the shock of physical intimacy; pleasurable, overwhelming, and at times a little scary. "Am I really feeling this?" "Is it you who is making me feel this way?" Yes, and yes." (Review by Tim Finney,

Track List:
1 Have You Ever

2 Love You All

3 If I Can't

4 Nothing Goes Away

5 Robert's Reason

6 Slow Dying Places

7 Sleep Tonight

8 Gets Along Fine

9 Lonely Music Co.

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