Selling Vinyl Records in Essex - Best Prices for your Collection

Selling Vinyl Records in Essex

Questions you may have before selling?

  • Is there any charges for giving me a price?

No! this service is Free of charge.


  • How many records do I need for you to visit and or buy?

There are no minimum or maximum quantities for us to give you a price


  • Will you buy all my record collection?

Yes we will buy everything, most people don't want to be left with something that might be hard to dispose of.


  • What happens to my records?

Hopefully the majority will go to music enthusiasts and collectors, but we will endeavour to re-home as much of your collection as possible.
Every collection has records that are below par with regards to condition or appeal, we try to recycle them, sometimes they are made into ornaments.


  • How quickly can you visit?

We can normally visit within a day or 2.


  • Do you buy all types of records?

Yes we buy all types of vinyl records this includes Vinyl Albums, 7 inch 45rpm Singles, 12 inch Singles, EPs, Picture Discs.
All music genres bought so if you got a mix of music styles or formats that's all good.

We also buy your CDs and music films.